popmycase iPhone 5 cases launch

popmycase Launches The iPhone 5 Cases Ahead Of The Market In Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR, 12 OCT 2012: popmycase, Asia’s only case maker known for creating premium custom cases that protect and style mobile gadgets, today announced the official launch of its most electrifying … Continue Reading →

tough choice... iphone 5 cases seem good to me

The iPhone 5 Cases : Should You Have it or not?

There has long been a debate within the smartphone users’ circle. Some said it was a personal preference while others claimed as to make up the accessories obligation. There is … Continue Reading →

5 Easy Ways To Create Samsung Galaxy Note Custom Case

Everyone knows you can get a bland, boring case for your Samsung Galaxy Note anywhere. The problem is, who wants bland and boring? You’re an individual, not same faceless clone … Continue Reading →

Make You Own Custom Phone Case

Cell phones are much more than a ubiquitous communication tool, they have evolved to reflect the personality and creativity of the people that carry them. One of the easiest ways … Continue Reading →

Malaysia Day

How to Find Your Own Malaysia Day?

If you are still in the mood of Independence Day, then you’re probably taking today off — again. It’s our Malaysia Day on 16 September. It’s a time we commemorate … Continue Reading →

The Samsung Galaxy S3 cases that designed by someone like you

      If you have a Samsung Galaxy, then you definitely need a Samsung Galaxy S3 Custom Case. Instead of the same old boring case that you and a … Continue Reading →

Custom Cases Hit Asia – popmycase Press Release

KUALA LUMPUR, 13 July 2012: The day has come for popmycase to be revealed to the world. There are so much anticipation and buzz coming from every corner of the nation … Continue Reading →

spain euro 2012 team

What the Spain National Football Team Can Teach You About Being Stylish and Creative at The Same Time?

  Have you stayed up late watching Euro 2012 Championship? Your sleeping time could be disrupted but if it happens just once in four years, it doesn’t really bad, right. … Continue Reading →

His Customised Phone Cases Put A Big Smile On His Face…

It is amazing when something so small can bring about so much joy and happiness. It’s a profess of love that you would gladly share with the world and for all … Continue Reading →

custom iphone 4S orkibal

How To Design Your iPhone 4s and Blackberry Cases with popmycase?

                Apple made iPhone 4S and iPad 2 look beautiful in the eyes. So does Blackberry for Blackberry Bold 9780/9700 and Blackberry Curve … Continue Reading →