Custom iPhone 6 Case Available for Pre-Orders

Apple iPhone 6 Screenshot

The big event from Apple happened earlier this morning. Watch the full streamed event here. As expected it was the launched of the rumoured bigger iPhone 6. Other hardware includes the Apple Watch and the release of iOS 8. We’ll let Gizmodo to give you the full details of the new iPhone 6.

At the Popmycase hq, we are super excited to be offering soon the custom iPhone 6 cases when it arrives in our Malaysian shores. Could this be #thenextbigthing Maxis is launching? or Liechtenstein is going to be ahead again of Malaysia on the launch of any iPhone models let alone the new bigger iPhone 6.

Here’s the price in U.S. dollars for the two new iPhone 6 as reported by lifehacker. On sale in the U.S. on September 12.

The iPhone 6 will start at $199 for 16GB, $299 for 64GB and moves up to $399 for 128GB. The iPhone 6 Plus starts at $299 for the 16GB version, $399 for the 64GB, and $499 GB for 128GB. You can pre-order on September 12th and they’ll ship on September 19th.

This year unfortunately we are not launching the custom iPhone 6case ahead of the model as we did last year with the iPhone 5 release due to strict guidelines we have received. We are opening up for pre-orders today. Follow the link below.

Click here to pre-order your custom iPhone 6 case from Popmycase.


Tutorial: Make a Custom iPhone Photo Collage Case

We found the most coolest collage tool online. Check out PicMonkey. We found many of you painstakingly layout 3 to 5 images using our custom case app. There’s an easier way to a custom iPhone photo collage case!

PicMonkey Collage

Step 1. Make a Collage

First, click here go to PicMonkey. You’ll be prompted to upload your images from either your computer or your favourite online storage service. Once you have selected and uploaded your image(s). The screen will bring you to their layout screen. First thing is to quickly familiarise with the tools on screen. On the left is where your images will be and other tools. On the right is the canvas. By default it’s the common 3 square boxes layout.

PicMonkey Photo Editor

Before you begin. See the small rectangle box below the collage layout canvas. By default its 2000 x 2000 pixel and it’s locked! 1. Unlock it by clicking on the lock icon. Else it will keep the ratio of width and height 1:1. 2. Change the width and height to 1057 x 1600. This is the size for our iPhone 5 / 5S case.

Drag your uploaded image from the left to the right. In each of the photos uploaded you can further edit the position of the photos to your liking. There’s even Effects!

PicMonkey Editor Layout

Step 2. Save Collage Image

Once you’re happy with the layout of your collage. It’s time to SAVE. Just right above the collage layout box next to OPEN.


You’ll find options for your image on the left. Set the name of the file and quality of the collage image. Which Bond you fancy? We think Roger should be medium over Pierce. What you think? :) Click SAVE TO MY COMPUTER

Step 3. Upload Your Saved PicMonkey Collage

Upon uploading your image, you’ll get or don’t get a warning like the one in the screenshot below. Don’t worry about it. The size that we have recommended for the iPhone 5 or 5s case will fit nicely in the layout screen. Just click Proceed.

Popmycase Warning Screen

Step 4. Layout Image

Just drag the uploaded collage image from the right to the left canvas. It should fit nicely in the center of the iPhone case. Remember to preview your case before making the Order.

Popmycase iPhone Case Collage

Hope you enjoyed this tip. We found that this is the most best way to get a collage image created and upload it back into Popmycase. Experiment with the layout in PicMonkey collage tool and Hope to be receiving your collage for printing soon.

Popmycase App Available for Download!

Since we launched Popmycase in May 2012, we didn’t even consider having a mobile app. Throughout the whole year(s) we’ve been hearing your comments and feedback. Weeks after weeks since we launched, the % of mobile users accessing our website has increased 10x fold. Yes we do understand the pain of not having Adobe Flash available on your iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

It sucks. We know.

Popmycase App

After about 6 weeks of hard work, we’re excited to officially announce that Popmycase is now available on your favorite app store. Select your phone model, upload image directly from the camera roll or photo gallery, rotate, scale and move around the case layout. And it’s Free!

Compatible with just about any version of Android and iOS. Go download the app now!

Download the iOS app from App Store

Download the Android from Play Store

Here’s a screenshot of our newly released app for iOS

Popmycase App on App Store

Tutorial: Make a Personalised iPhone Case

Making a iPhone custom case is easy. You only need 3 minutes to learn how to layout your favorite pictures (or maybe your design files) for your iPhone.

Note: Some of you may not be able to experience it using our online app. Especially if you are accessing this website via your smartphones or tablets. Don’t worry, we have our own web app available at your favorite app store. Download and install them today.

App Store for iOS  |  Play Store for Android

 Step 1. Sign up and Start personalising your iPhone case


Enter your best email in the box and Popmycase will get you started creating your iPhone case in minutes. Your email address is safe with us and we only use it to followup with you making sure you have no problems using our Popmycase app. It’s all in our privacy policy.

Step 2. Select the iPhone

Select iPhone 5S Case

All our iPhone models ranges from iPhone 3G through to iPhone 5S. Besides iPhones, we also print cases for Samsung Galaxy. Find the desired iPhone model and click Next Step button below to start uploading your image.

Step 3. Upload your image

Upload Your Own Image

For the BEST printing results, our image upload accepts files as big as 50MB!. Like many normal users we have spoken to, you would not have a clue how big your image is. How do I know my picture is good enough to be printed?

Tip: Use Picresize. We're not going to crop or edit here. We just need to check the dimensions of your file size. Browse the picture you want to upload and click the big yellow button. See blow. The picture we uploaded passes the minimum resolution. *Yay!* That's 2400 x 300 px.

Picresize Image Information

Click Next Step button to layout your uploaded image.

Step 4. Layout your uploaded image

Layout Your Uploaded Image

Get familiarise with some of the tools available on this page. Tools are on the left of screen. These relates to the canvas. On the right hand of the screen are where your Imaging, Text and Background palettes are. Drag the uploaded image in the Imaging box onto the iPhone case canvas. Use the Rotate and Scale function on the palette or the corners of the image to get the perfect composition.

Rotate Scale and Move Image

Tip: The dotted lines is the recommended area to fill. If your image resolution is big it will print the sides of the cases perfectly. So make sure the area within the dotted lines are fill to make sure a full wrap printing of the images on the iPhone case.

Once you’re happy, time to click the Next Button to Preview your masterpiece. Don’t worry on any errors made here, you can always go back and edit the image.

Step 5. Preview before Purchase

Quick Preview Before Purchase

Once you are happy with your iPhone case it’s time to click the Blue Button to proceed purchasing this case. Depending on your internet connection the Saving Design process can take a few minutes. The images are working in the background being uploaded to our servers.

Uploading to Popmycase Server

Tip: Do not do anything on this page while this process is in progress. At any event your connection stops, your desktop hangs or power just got cut off, we require you to go through the process again.

Step 6. Checkout to Cashier

Checkout to Cashier

Technically it is a self service Cashier. Review your product name and thumbnail IF available. Click on Proceed to Checkout for you to enter your shipping details and payment. Currently we accept PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, Maybank2u and other local Malaysian banks. If these aren’t your options, we can always accept direct deposit. Details are available in the Checkout page and receipt in your email after a successful order is made.

Call +6 03 5511 0441 and speak to our Customer Service should you have any questions with your payment or order.

You have a sense of humour if you customise these designs.


I can’t stop laughing when I see these artworks. I’m seeing the image of a dysfunctional rock band, a cute rabbit portrays Mrs. Mia Wallace’s Pulp Fiction character, the ‘Ductman’ and fox-led zombie buster team.

Yes, only cartoonists have flair to ignite the sensation, cheering the mood and brighten the gloomy days. These guys eager to spread creative inspiration via comics.

Feast your eyes with artworks form Rambai. He was known from local humour magazine, Ujang and as a lead artist for then cartoon series, Usop Sontorian production. Aiming for a challenging role, he created ‘Watcher for Apo? magazine in 1998. The popular action-packed comic series soon became the inspiration of his fans and new generation of comic followers.

His other cartoons & artworks are ‘Kenen’, ‘Catman’, ‘Min and Jimi’, ‘Rocka Jr’ and drama-inspired comic series ‘B Major in D Minor’.

Now as a collaborated artist with Popmycase, he showcases the humour parody element and ‘unimaginative’ illustration of his own identity. If you want to see Gun n Roses, Pulp Fiction, The Dark Knight Rises and Walking Dead parodies in action, get the ‘Parodee City’ collection series from Rambai now. The funny thing starts when you customise the designs for your iPhone case, Samsung Galaxy cases or Blackberry cases.

Enjoy :)

rambai cartoonist

Why You Should Stick To Your Tribe With These Tribal Designs?

the tribe

come to my tribe, my child!

Which of this definition of tribe suit you?

A group comprising many families or clans?

Or a group of people who share same interest, culture, aspiration and identity?

Actually, the latter holds bigger impression in your mind. When we talk about tribe, people will visualize tribe like these; a group of people living in the hut, the man with his body painted with white stripes, running after the animal with a spear on his hand and other peculiar traits.

Yes, there are true. For very long time, men created the civilisation from a single place. When the community grew bigger, they moved to the other countries, continents and islands. They were grouped together, ate together, fought together, laughed together and looked after each other, in order for their survival.

So much so these scenes transcend to the modern living.

When the tribe gathers

It’s not uncommon when people with same hobby, lifestyle, interest flock together. Skaters go out skating with their kindred together. Concert goers have a good time enjoying the live performance from their favourite rock band. Hipsters flash their new iPhone custom case when they hang out together.

That’s the another interpretation of tribe.

The best thing of being together in your group is that you feel the sense of belonging. You enjoy channelling your energy to something you really love. You finally find your place in this world.

But how strong can you hold this connection? Have your own tribal mark.

Bring nature back to your urban life.

Every tribe has its own art. We call it tribal designs.

Their mark and identity can be seen until today. It was colourful, unique and trendy. Although they are gone in time, their art is still alive… in the new form.

tribal phone cases

The tribal collections

Place it at the back of your smartphone, and see the natural design that evokes a feeling of classic texture.

The tribal designs are not just trendy, but it gets you closer to your kind and. Mix and match these spectacular designs with your clothes too. You’ll find the fashion mixes well with your modern sensibilities.

And when you gather around for some tribal meeting with your friends and family, at least you know you have a good reason to stay remain with your ‘tribe’ for a long time to come.

Do you have your own group or tribe? Share with us in the comment below.

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Exceeded our Expectations

We regret to inform you that our popular best selling cases for iPhone 5, iPhone 4/4S, Samsung S3 and Samsung Note 2 are currently out of stock. Demand for these cases has exceeded our expectations and our inventory is depleted.

A new shipment of the cases will arrive by next week; Get in touch with us to pre-order and we will make sure that your order is filled from that shipment.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused and assure you that we at Popmycase will do whatever we can to resolve it to your satisfaction.

Meanwhile, while waiting for our case to arrive. Make a custom phone case with duct tape.

Custom Phone Cases The Gayour Way

artist gayour

yea yeahhh!


Fashion. Style. Heavy metal music.

He uses this trifecta for so long. There are the sum of creative force from the man known for creating comic characters of Bersama Selamanya and Apa Yang Aku Cari.

He is the one; Gayour.

Who is Gayour?

Gayour is a Malaysian cartoonist whose career spans over 25 years. He started cartooning professionally in 1983. Many of his fans had known him from his notable artworks from humour magazines such as Gelihati, Gila-Gila, Ujang and G3.

His previous careers were assistance editor, director of publishing and creative director. Now he is appointing as a cartoonist-cum-illustrator with Kumpulan Media Karangkraf Sdn. Bhd.

Gayour has became Popmycase’s collaborated artist and have 6 designs available for custom phone cases:




Ironically, this funny, curly hair cartoonist is still love a traditional way of drawing cartoon and keep out of digital platform to create cartoons. What a better way to appreciate his artworks when you can have them for custom phone cases here.

What’s your favourite?

Photo credit

How to be a showy person without being arrogant and cocky?

yes, it's time to show off

yes, it’s time to show off

You want to be different. You want people to notice you.

In order to do that, you have to step up from the ordinary lifestyle to diva-like status. You look up to Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian as your inspiration to jazz up your fashion appeal.

You flaunt beautiful clothes and ornaments when you go to party and ‘kenduri’. People compliment you. You are happy.

Deep inside of you, the self-pride pointer soars to all time high. It’s getting out of control when someone praise you; “You are just like that celebrity!”

Is loving to show off and seeking attention a bad thing?

Well, it’s not a right or wrong issue here. The point is that not everyone like showy people. Haters point out from that these people are just showing off their stuffs to someone else less superior. Disgusting and distracting.

But, there are other ways to solve this dilemma. And it doesn’t leave a bad taste in people’s mouth.

Show your skills.

If you good at creative work like writing, designing or maybe playing musical instruments, it’s time for you to shine. Let the world know your expertise by sharing your work via Facebook, Twitter and any social media sites. You might be making a big wave and receiving a financial windfall. Who knows?

Show how caring you are.

Sometime people need help at unexpected circumstances. They need a quick answer when experts frequently neglect their enquiries. Well, you know, the bureaucratic issue sort of thing.

Let say someone posts on the Facebook news feed that he needs the opinions about medical treatment at the hospital. As you had experienced with that treatment, as an example, you help him by answering his question. He might be thanking you for your advice. And sooner or later other people will seek your opinions too.

Show yourself so everyone else knows.

Love can be expressed in many forms. Some prefer giving gifts to their loved ones. Some write a poet. Some are willing to sacrifice on trivial matters.

But the truth is most people find it hard to show love. They can’t find the right way to make it happen.

Actually, by creating your own design and displaying your own creative art, it helps relieve your stress and make you feel better.

The truth about showing off is not about bringing up all stuffs you can show, but the feeling and emotion that portray who you really are; a socialite junkie or a self-control fashionista.

Do you like or dislike showy people? Share your thoughts on the comment box below.

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Why Choosing Smartphone Cases Complete Your Life?

life is abundance

life is abundance

There are 3 basic necessities of life; food, clothing and shelter.

If you take one of that fundamental out, our life is not complete. Void. Empty. Hunger.

Ask any men, and they will tell that no human in this Earth lack of food, no cloth to cover the body and home to protect from rain and extreme hot weather. We are blessed.

Now come the advancement of needs. We upgrade the necessities of life. Thanks to technology, the way to communicate is no longer talking and listening to the each other end anymore.

Welcome to our new No. 4; smartphones.

It can be said that smartphone has become part of our life.

See around you, and see everyone else is craving for smartphones like a pack of hungry wolves.  It’s so addictive and desirable.

The smartphone technology itself is developing all the time to add more functions to correspond consumers’ need, such as digital cameras, video recorders, Internet WiFi enabled or share your photo to Facebook or Instagram. You can do lots of things with your smartphone.

But having the trendiest gadget like iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S4 is not enough to make your life better, if you want to pursue it. You have to add something. Accessorize a bit.

Make the case with smartphone cases.

When you buy a smartphone, there will be additional accessory items that you are required to buy. These additional accessories are ear-buds, hands-free auto units or carrying cases.

You may find that this kind of accessories is really expensive, but you have to purchase them no matter how expensive they are because these accessories enable your smartphone works in fully functioning for your highly mobile lifestyle.

Therefore, when you complete buying new smartphone and all other necessary accessories, you should look for quality accessories, like smartphone cases.

The good place to start find good ones is on the Internet. The most popular material for smartphone cases is leather. Leather provides great protection to your smartphone.

Also, take note for water proof cases. If you choose leather case, there should be no problem because leather is the material that very good at protecting stuff from water. But if you use smartphone case that made from other material such as canvas, there is a greater chance of water leaking inside the case.

If you choose plastic-grade cases, make sure you choose the polycarbonate resin called Lexan. It designed to cushion the valuable smartphone from damage while protecting the screens from scratches and smudges.

The best part is that you can upload your own images on the website. With the bright multi-colour printing method, nearly any images can be replicated in photographic quality on the backs of the smartphone cases. By using your own design or choose the pre-made designs, you now have a stylish and protective case. You can show off your personality whenever you take your phone out.

Could life be easy with smartphone cases?

The answer will depend on you, the user. If smartphones are already fulfil the obligations such as ease your workload, manage all your daily schedules and bring you closer to your loved ones, then getting the right smartphone cases is the next thing to do in your list.

Does your smartphone case complete your life so far? Share your thoughts here on the comment box.

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